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COVID-19 UPDATE: Australia remains OPEN to all foreign superyachts and crew rotations

As at: 28/09/2021

Australia remains open to superyachts and crew under a case by case exemption procedure. Australia’s Covid-19 restrictions are to be progressively removed based on swiftly increasing vaccination rates.

Currently, superyachts and crew can arrive in Australia but must follow strict 14 days quarantine upon arrival. Crew rotation is again achievable after a pause that occurred from July to September.

A current outbreak in New Zealand has meant quarantine-free arrivals from New Zealand have been paused.

New South Wales and Victoria are both currently in lockdown while the rest of Australia remains open and operating largely unaffected.

Vaccinations targets for the eligible population which will enable the re-opening of Australia are as follows:

70% fully vaccinated – expected around 24 Oct, quarantine reduction for vaccinated arrivals, lockdowns unlikely.

80% fully vaccinated –expected around 4 Nov, international borders to open to vaccinated travellers from trusted countries. Covid-19 to be treated as any other endemic disease from this time.

A trial of seven (7) days home quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers has been occurring in various states. This is expected to provide opportunities for a reduction in current quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated arrivals.

Superyacht Australia remains at the service of vessel agents to assist with the processing of all COVID-19 related exemptions in order to facilitate the arrival of foreign vessels into Australia.

For further information about entering Australia, click here

Australian yacht agents are ready to process the applications to ensure the vessel and crew can enter Australia:


Australian Superyacht Services

Contact: Captain Richard Morris or Pat McLouglin


Carter Marine

Contact: Carrie Carter


Fraser Yachts

Contact: Peter Redford


Major Yacht Services

Contact: Geoff Majer


Marine Agents Australia

Contact: Chad Avenell


Superyacht Logistics Australia

Contact: Carol Harris



SuperYachts 153

Contact: Corina Wilson