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Weather and Tidal Predictions


The Bureau of Meteorology provides the Australian and international maritime communities with weather forecasts, warnings and observations for coastal waters areas and high seas around Australia.

Generally most of these services are provided routinely throughout the day, while marine weather warnings may be issued at any time when the need becomes apparent. Because of the complex nature of the sea, the Bureau of Meteorology uses advanced computer models to predict the physical characteristics of the ocean. These computer forecasts are used by meteorologists in the preparation of marine forecasts and warnings. The forecasts include wind, weather, sea and swell and are intended to describe the average conditions over specified areas.

Marine forecasts have been enhanced by the inclusion of ocean currents and sea-surface temperature forecasts through the BLUE link ocean forecasting initiative – Click Here

Warnings for coastal waters and Warnings to shipping on the high seas are issued whenever strong winds, gales, storm force or hurricane force winds are expected. The initial warning attempts to provide around 24 hours lead-time and warnings are renewed every 6 hours.