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‘Australia InDepth’ Documentary Series

‘Australia InDepth’ Documentary Series

Superyacht Australia, in partnership with superyachts.com is pleased to present ‘Australia InDepth’, a series of informative short documentary films on the vast and incredible destinations on offer when cruising in Australian waters and the world-class service capabilities available to support visiting vessels.

Produced and released as two separate series – ‘An Infinite Charter Destination’ and ‘The Superyacht Hub’ – these stunning and informative videos are a must-watch for Captains and owners when planning a visit down under. Both series include interviews with some of Australia’s superyacht industry key spokespeople, including Ian Malouf, Ahoy Club; Joachim Howard, Ocean Alliance; David Good, Superyacht Australia and Philippa Harrison, Tourism Australia.

Series 1 – An Infinite Charter Destination

Episode 1 – ‘The Ultimate Charter Experience’

Series 1, Episode 1 ‘An Infinite Charter Destination’, focuses on the diverse cruising experiences in Australia and the surrounding South Pacific region. The first episode provides a holistic overview of the new charter possibilities in Australia, exploring an all-year-round cruising destination.

Episode 2 – ‘Great Reef Adventures’

Dive into Australia’s world-renowned reef destinations as we begin our journey by visiting the country’s underwater wonders.

Awe-inspiring marine life, fascinating wrecks, and enchanting island escapes are all in store for those exploring Australia’s crystalline waters. This episode explores charter opportunities not only in the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef but also in emerging reef destinations on the West Coast. These spectacular reef regions are cherished playgrounds for superyachts, with plenty of activity above and below the surface.

Episode 3 – ‘An Explorer’s Playground’

‘An Explorer’s Playground’ showcases Australia’s rugged and remote regions. A natural fit for swashbuckling explorer yachts and guests with a heightened sense of adventure, Australia is blessed with regions of untouched natural splendor and enchanting culture. From the Kimberley down to Tasmania, this episode focuses on superyacht itineraries filled with exhilarating activities, wildlife encounters, and insight from a proud ancient culture.


Series 2 – The Superyacht Hub

Episode 1 – ‘A Refit Capital’ 

Series 2, Episode 1 ‘A Refit Capital’ conveys Australia’s booming refit and maintenance industry that provides visiting superyachts with access to world-class shipyards and marinas to meet all their service requirements.

These facilities and specialised trades are essential in allowing superyachts to stay longer and enjoy the wonders of Australia and the South Pacific. Australia boasts award-winning shipyards with renowned global reputations on both its east and west coasts. No matter where in the country you may be cruising, from city harbours to remote regions, you are never far from expert service centres to refit and maintain your vessel.

Episode 2 – ‘Custom Creations’

Custom Creations showcases Australia’s proud heritage as a shipbuilding nation, as we hear from the builders, designers, and specialised trades that make up this an innovative industry.

Across the world, there is a huge demand and value placed on premium Australian-made products. From legendary designers and superyachts of the past, to modern icons Bold and White Rabbit, Australia has carved out its place as an industry innovator.

Episode 3 – ‘Infrastructure and Innovation’

This episode looks at the key developments that are enhancing Australia’s capacity to cater to larger superyachts. As has been the case throughout history, innovation is a cornerstone of the Australian superyacht industry. Hear from the people whose vision, expertise, and passion are driving the country’s major projects.

From the infrastructure boom spurred on by the Queensland government’s Superyacht Strategy, to new facilities emerging in the Northern Territory, and upgrades to award-winning facilities in Western Australia, Australia has future-proofed its status as a global superyacht hub.