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Depart Wyndham overnight to the Berkley River.

DAY 1 King George River – Set your cruise off in style by flying into the stunning river
basin aboard Paspaley’s Grumman Mallard seaplane for the most dramatic of entries!

Aerial view of King George River waterfall, on the north Kimberley coast

DAY 2 King George River excursion – hike to the top for a picnic and take a refreshing
dip in the crystal clear pools.

King George River waterfall, on the northern Kimberley coast

Overnight passage

DAY 3 Vansitaart Bay – A protected bay speckled with islands and coves offers fantastic
fishing and shore excursions steeped in culture and history. A WW2 allied DC3 aircraft
lies forlornly in the scrub after crash landing, and if you take a short hike you can view
the Gyorn Gyorn rock paintings (also known as the Bradshaws). Paspaley Pearl Farm and
Aboriginal Art Tours available by request.

Overnight passage

DAY 4 Mitchell River/Falls – The mesmerising terraced rock formations of Mitchell Falls
are an iconic Kimberley attraction, with local operators offering scenic helicopter flights
above to view the Mitchell Plateau, while from below some of the biggest crocs hunt some
of the biggest Barramundi! Fish, hike, fly!

Mitchell Falls, Mitchell River National Park.

DAY 5 Hunter River – A spectacular river system, about as remote as you can get with
towering escarpments and rainforests offering a surreal backdrop to the dense mangrove
forests lining the river. Fishing, crabbing, birdwatching, hiking to waterfalls, or just idle the
day away croc-spotting!

Mouth of the Hunter River, on the Kimberley coastline

Overnight passage

DAY 6 Prince Regent River – King Cascades offers opportunities to sneak right upto the
falls by yacht and take a fresh water shower on the bow! Take a moderate hike to the
billabong at the top for a refreshing picture perfect dip.

Couple overlooking a catamaran on the Prince Regent River, at the King Cascade

DAY 7 Day passage, via Montgomery Reef, tidal dependant. A unique ecosystem,
with water cascading from 140 sq miles of reef, offers a unique glimpse of the exposed
underwater world. Possible sightings of turtles, dudongs and manta rays will be the
highlight of the day!

DAY 8 Raft Point, Doubtful Bay – Famed for its stunning rocky outcrops, world class
fishing, and nearby Aboriginal Rock Art portraying the Wadjina tribe. Don’t forget your
drone to capture the immense serenity forever.

Kimberley Quest moored at Raft Point, The Kimberley.

Overnight passage

DAY 9 Horizontal Falls – Take an exhilarating tender ride through the falls, experiencing
the power of the huge tidal range gushing though the tiny channel. Helicopter scenic flights
available locally.

Overnight passage

DAY 10 Broome – A day of leisurely boutique shopping, visits to art galleries and sunset
camel rides on the pristine Cable Beach will round off your ultimate Kimberley experience.