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New South Wales

Imagine a place where you can sail to your heart’s content, far from the super yachting crowd. Imagine a realm where you can indulge your cruising dreams yet never be far from a safe berth. Imagine a world where you can refit and repaint your ship, all as you soak in the sun and warmth of a lazy day. You don’t have to imagine anymore.

New South Wales (NSW) is that place, and we’re working hard to bring your superyacht dreams to life. Who are we? We’re the marinas, shipyards, refit companies, agents, and all the other businesses that cater to you and your guests’ needs based in NSW. Your cruise is our mission. And we’re dedicated to making your time aboard an unforgettable one.

NSW is also Australia’s most populous state, with over 7 million people and over 600 nautical miles of pristine coastline. Within our state, you’ll find the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) home to Canberra, the nations capital; the Jervis Bay Territory; and of course, Sydney itself.

Sydney as Australia’s largest city, is the state capital of NSW and glitters like a diamond on the coast with its two iconic attractions recognised globally – the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge – all set around a truly spectacular harbour. No other natural harbour comes near to Sydney Harbour in terms of water activities – whether for local families or for superyacht guests. 

Sydney is a world-class superyacht destination with all the refit services you need and all the luxuries and comforts you crave – all located in a magnificent setting. It doesn’t get any better than this. Even before the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, NSW has actively promoted itself internationally as a destination for visiting superyachts attracting over 350 superyachts to NSW waters since then.

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