The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) is the international trade association representing the global marine industry since 1966. ICOMIA brings together marine industry associations from across the world in one global organisation and represents them at international level, presenting a strong and united voice when dealing with issues challenging the industry.

38 national federations across the world are full members of ICOMIA. This includes the vast majority of boating industry countries from North America across to Japan and China and from Finland to New Zealand.

ICOMIA’s objectives are to provide a forum for the exchange of views between its members; to produce internationally agreed standards to ensure high quality and safety of industry’s products; to remove all barriers to trade, wherever they may exist and to promote boating and to give guidelines where appropriate.

ICOMIA represents an agreed international industry opinion on boating environmental matters and seeks to minimise any adverse effects of boating on the marine environment.