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Entering Australia – Option 1For Superyachts that are privately operated vessels arriving at an Appointed Port of Entry (as a Non Commercial Vessel)


Applies only to private (non-commercial) vessels planning to clear at an Appointed Port of Entry



If you’re travelling to Australia by boat, the master of a vessel arriving in Australia is required by law to give notice of impending arrival at least 96 hours before arrival.

Penalties may apply for failure to do so. 

Information to be provided ahead of time is:

  • the name of your vessel
  • the vessels country and port of registration
  • your intended first port of arrival
  • your estimated arrival time
  • the last four ports you visited
  • the details of people on board including name, date of birth, nationality and passport number
  • details of any illness or disease recently encountered
  • if you have any animals on board the vessel
  • if you have any firearms on board the vessel

Send the relevant information and details via one of the below options:

Email: yachtreport@homeaffairs.gov.au

Fax: +61 2 6275 5078

Phone: +61 2 6246 1325

Refer to Entering and Leaving by Sea’ on the Australian Border Force website for more detailed information.



Vessel masters must ensure all crew members on board who are planning to arrive in Australia have current travel documents and have approved visas to enter Australia before arrival.  When making a visa application, allow for the approval time which may vary depending on the individual nationalities of the crew.

For more details on fees, length of stay and how to apply for visas under the

Temporary Activity Visa (subclass 408) Superyacht Crew please visit: