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National Corporate Members
Company Name Abell Point Marina
Contact Person Kate Purdie
Phone No +61 07 4946 2400
Website http://www.superyachtgreatbarrierreef.com
Company Name AIMEX
Contact Person Richard Chapman
Phone No +61 (0)3 9867 6625
Website http://www.aimex.asn.au/
Company Name AMI Marine Group
Contact Person Aaron Smith
Phone No +61 (0)8 9331 0000
Mobile No +61 (0)423 559 255
Website http://www.amisales.com.au
Company Name Analu
Contact Person Angela Burlizzi
Phone No +61 02 8354 0662
Mobile No +61 0407 789 792
Website http://analu.com.au
Company Name Aurora Yacht Logistics
Contact Person Jason Roberts
Phone No +61 (0)7 3900 5900
Website http://www.yacht-transport.com.au
Company Name Aus Ships Group
Contact Person Tommy Ericson
Phone No +61 7 3390 8455
Mobile No +61 0 402 466 550
Website http://www.ausships.com
Company Name Austral Propellers
Contact Person David Vincent
Phone No +61 2 9533 1633
Website http://www.australpropeller.com.au
Company Name Australasian SuperYacht Services
Contact Person Mike Ebsworth
Phone No +61 7 5445 4226
Mobile No +61 400 333 223
Company Name Awlgrip
Contact Person Gerald Seunninga
Phone No +61 7 5573 9600
Website http://www.awlgrip.com
Company Name Bellingham Marine Australia
Contact Person John Spragg
Phone No +61 3 9646 6744
Website http://www.bellingham-marine.com
Company Name BSE Maritime Solutions (Brisbane Slipways)
Contact Person Justin Parer
Phone No +61(0)7 3902 3555
Website http://www.bse.net.au
Company Name CCME Marine Engineering – Power Generation
Contact Person Ben Gardiner
Phone No 07 3348 8014
Mobile No 0423 747 331
Website http://ccme.com.au
Company Name Department of Commerce (Western Australia)
Contact Person John O’Hare
Phone No +61 08 6552 9221
Website http://www.commerce.wa.gov.au
Company Name Down Under Rally Pty Ltd
Contact Person John Hembrow
Mobile No +61 417 833 337
Website http://www.downunderrally.com
Company Name Echo Yachts
Contact Person Jurien Van Rongen
Mobile No +61 0 409 287 044
Website http://www.echoyachts.com.au
Company Name Exclusive Coatings
Contact Person Rod Busher
Mobile No +61 419 912 054
Website http://www.exclusivecoatings.com.au
Company Name Fraser Yachts
Contact Person Peter Redford
Phone No +61 2 9222 7705
Mobile No +61 419 794 777
Website http://www.fraseryachts.com
Company Name Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard
Contact Person Kevin Altera
Phone No +61 7 5502 5888
Mobile No +61 (0) 411 593 141
Website http://www.gccm.com.au
Company Name HyDrive Engineering Pty Ltd
Contact Person Grahame Anderson
Phone No +61 8 8243 1633
Mobile No +61 8 8243 1633
Website http://www.hydrive.com.au
Company Name Jotun
Contact Person Frank Brown
Mobile No +61 439 570 547
Website http://www.jotun.com
Company Name Lightcore Tech
Contact Person Brad Barr
Phone No +61 412 226 657
Mobile No +61 412 226 657
Website http://www.lightcoretech.com.au
Company Name Major Yacht Services Australia
Contact Person Geoff Majer
Phone No +61 (0)2 98107200
Mobile No +61 (0)4 0842 0323
Website http://www.majoryachtservices.com.au
Company Name Marine WA (Western Australia)
Phone No 61 03 9867 6625
Website http://www.marinewa.com.au
Company Name Maritime Professional Solutions
Contact Person Daniel Fodie
Phone No +61 499 108 484
Mobile No +61 499 108 484
Website http://www.maritimeprosolutions.com.au
Company Name MEC Yachts
Contact Person Murray Owen
Phone No +61 (0)7 5502 8811
Website http://www.mecyachts.com.au
Company Name MedAire
Contact Person Peter Lockhead
Mobile No +61 409 919 709
Website http://www.medaire.com/solutions/yachts
Company Name Melbourne Superyacht Marina
Contact Person Adam Buchholtz
Phone No +61 (0)3 9658 8738
Website http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/waterways
Company Name MUIR Engineering
Contact Person Grant Asher
Phone No +61 (0) 3 6229 0600
Website http://www.muir.com.au
Company Name Northrop & Johnson Australia
Contact Person Cameron Bray
Phone No +61 0404 739 161
Website http://www.northropandjohnson.com.au
Company Name Ocean Alliance Pty Ltd
Contact Person Joachim Howard
Mobile No +61 (0) 405 767 869
Website http://www.oceanalliance.com
Company Name Pantaenius Australia
Contact Person James MacPhail
Phone No +61 (0)2 9936 1670
Mobile No +61 (0)4 0811 4477
Website http://www.pantaenius.com.au
Company Name Penske Power Systems (MTU)
Contact Person Andrew Rossi
Phone No +61 (0)8 9273 7716
Mobile No +61 409 688 355
Website http://www.penskeps.com
Company Name PFG GROUP Pty Ltd
Contact Person Rob Miley
Phone No +61 03 6274 0222
Mobile No +61 0408 050 027
Website http://www.pfg-group.com.au
Company Name Poly Flex Group
Contact Person Jason Cooper
Phone No +61 (0)7 3284 2799
Website http://www.polyflex.com.au
Company Name Propspeed
Contact Person Colin Moody
Phone No +61 7 3807 4422
Website http://www.propspeed.com
Company Name Quality Marine Clothing
Contact Person Duncan Curnow
Phone No +61 2 9311 8500
Mobile No +61 401 221 221
Website http://www.qualitymarineclothing.com.au
Company Name Rivergate Marina and Shipyard
Contact Person Andrew Cannon
Phone No +61 (0)7 3907 1600
Mobile No +61 (0)4 1011 4799
Website http://www.rivergate.com.au
Company Name Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show
Phone No +61 (0)7 5577 6011
Website http://www.sanctuarycoveboatshow.com.au
Company Name Seaway Logistics Pty Ltd
Contact Person Paul Dean
Phone No +61 07 3029 3100
Mobile No +61 0418655110
Website http://www.seaway.com.au
Company Name Sevenstar Yacht Transport Australian Agencies Pty Ltd
Contact Person Dean Sharples
Phone No +61 2 9693 2100
Mobile No +61(0)418 283 043
Website http://www.sevenstar-yacht-transport.com/destinations/pacific/australia.aspx
Company Name SilverYachts
Contact Person Dave Woods
Phone No +61 (0)8 9437 0570
Website http://www.silveryachts.com
Company Name Sorgiovanni Designs Pty Ltd
Contact Person Sam Sorgiovanni
Phone No +61 (0)8 9433 6355
Mobile No +61 419 926 165
Website http://sorgiovannidesigns.com
Company Name Stella Marine Group Pty Ltd
Contact Person Gary Cooper
Phone No +61 (0)7 3890 0372
Mobile No +61 (0)4 0029 7177
Website http://www.stellamarine.com.au
Company Name Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef
Contact Person Joanne Drake
Mobile No 61 (0) 458 794 001
Website https://superyachtgroup.com/
Company Name Superyacht Sydney
Contact Person Captain Richard Morris
Phone No +61 (0)4 1068 9289
Website http://www.superyachtsydney.com.au/
Company Name Sydney City Marine
Contact Person Brenton Fischer
Phone No +61 (0)2 8572 7800
Mobile No +61(0)425 211 837
Website http://www.sydneycitymarine.com.au
Company Name Sydney Superyacht Marina
Contact Person Clemens Overdijk
Phone No +61 02 9818 0604
Mobile No +61 488 777 477
Website http://www.superyachtmarina.com.au
Company Name Tangalooma Island Resort
Phone No 1300 652 250
Website http://www.tangalooma.com
Company Name Textron Aviation
Contact Person Kathrin Huston
Mobile No +61 488 051 646
Website http://txtav.com
Company Name Thales
Contact Person Jonathan Wall
Phone No +61 2 9562 3058
Website http://www.thalesgroup.com.au
Company Name The Yard Brisbane
Contact Person Nick McGuire
Phone No + 617 3348 5600
Mobile No +614 3162 1045
Website http://www.theyardbrisbane.com


Business Directory A-Z
A   B
Abell Point Marina
Acutec Systems Pty Ltd
Adit Marine
Akzo Nobel / AWLGRIP – Cairns
Allamanda Carpet Cleaning
AMI Marine Group
Andrea Francolini Photography
Angelo’s Fine Foods Pty Ltd
Aqualuma Marine Lighting
Armada International
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co (Aus) Limited
Atlantis Security
Aurora Yacht Logistics
Aus Ships Group
Austral Propellers
Australasian SuperYacht Services
Australian Commercial Marine
Australian Davits & Cranes
Australian Marine Wholesale
Australian Superyachts
Awlgrip Yacht Coatings / International Paints
Barnacle Bills
BDO Accountants
Bellingham Marine Australia
BlackPond Marine Consultants Pty Ltd
Blue Pearl Catering
Boat Style
BSE Maritime Solutions (Brisbane Slipways)
BSE Maritime Solutions – Cairns Slipways
Burton Premium Wines
C   D
Cairns Apothecary
Cairns Charts & Maps
Cairns Coatings
Cairns Luxury Apartments
Cairns Marlin Marina
Cairns Ocean Products
Cairns Scuba Air
Cairns Wholesale Paints
Carter Marine Agencies Pty Ltd
Casco Refrigeration Services
Cashcor Engineering Pty Ltd
CCME Marine Engineering – Power Generation
Century Cranes
Ches Power Group
Coastal Coverings
Coastal Yachting Recruitment
Department of Commerce (Western Australia)
Department of Transport – Marine Coastal Facilities (Western Australia)
Divers World
Down Under Rally Pty Ltd
D’ALBORA Marinas
E   F
Echo Yachts
English Engineering
Ensign Ship Brokers
Etiquette Marine
Evolution Yachts
Exclusive Coatings
Executive Marine
Fetta’s Greek Taverna
Fish D’Vine
Fraser Yachts
G   H
Geoff Lovett International
Glass Innovations
Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard
Grant Torrens Marine
Great Barrier Reef Guides
Great Barrier Reef International Marine College
Grotty Yachty
Hastings Deering (Aust) Ltd
High Tide SCM
Hill Robinson Yacht Management
Hohn’s Cleaning Services
HyDrive Engineering Pty Ltd
I   J
i do flowers
Independent Aviation Pty Ltd
Insurance House Marine
International Yacht Paints
Joe Vella Insurance Brokers
Jones Bay Marina
K   L
Knots (10 Knots)
La Bella Yachts
Lee Marine Co Ltd
Lightcore Tech
Lissenung Diving Limited
Luxury Yacht Refinishers
M   N
Major Yacht Services Australia
Mandurah Boat Show
Marine Riley Australia
Marine Survey Company of Australia
Marine WA (Western Australia)
Maritime Professional Solutions
Markwell Marine & Communications
Marsh Butcheries
Max Stocks Wholesale Food Service
Maxwell Windlasses
McLeod Engineering P/L
MEC Yachts
Melanesian Tourist Services/ The Heritage
Melbourne Superyacht Marina
Milton Shipwrighting & Boat Building
Misha Merzliakov Yacht Design
Moore Marine Pty Ltd
MTU Detroit Diesel Australia
MTU Detroit Diesel Australia Northern Region Brisbane / Gold Coast
MTU Detroit Diesel Australia Pty Ltd
MTU Detroit Diesel Australia Western Region
MUIR Engineering
Negociants Australia
Newcastle Port Corporation
Norship Marine
North Australia Yacht Support
North Star Cruises Australia Pty Ltd
Northern Chemicals
Northrop & Johnson Australia
NSW Land and Property Management Authority
O   P
Ocean Aircon
Ocean Alliance Pty Ltd
Ocean Blue Boats
Ocean Blue Legal
Onboard Engineering
Pantaenius Australia
Paspaley Broome Boutique
Penske Power Systems (MTU)
Penske Power Systems (MTU)
Peter Lowe Design
Poly Flex Group
Port Authority of NSW
Project Identity
Q   R
Quality Marine Clothing
Quintner Marine
Rabone Systems
Rivergate Marina and Shipyard
Rodgers & Lough Marine Engineers Pty Ltd
Rosshaven Marine (Entraco marine PtyLtd t/a Rosshaven Marine)
S   T
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show
Sea Service Diving and Marine
Seaway Logistics Pty Ltd
Sevenstar Yacht Transport Australian Agencies Pty Ltd
Shangri-La Hotel
Sheets Ahoy Australia
Ship n Shore Electrical
Shire of Exmouth
Sorgiovanni Designs Pty Ltd
Southport Yacht Club
Spa to You
Spear Green Design
Standen Marine
Status Signs
Stella Marine Group Pty Ltd
Stern First
Suncorp Banking Corporation
Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef
Superglobal Services
Superyacht Crew Academy
Superyacht Crew International
Superyacht Solutions
Superyacht Sydney
Sydney City Marine
Sydney Marine Sparkys
Sydney Superyacht Charters
Sydney Superyacht Marina
Sydney Superyacht Services
Tangalooma Island Resort
Telstra Business Centre
Textron Aviation
The Clean Team
The Travel Lounge Cairns
The Yacht Professionals
The Yard Brisbane
Total Food Network
Trident Marine Insurance
Trinity Fire Services
Trinity Petroleum Services
Tropical Reef Shipyard
Turtle Pac
U   V
Underwood Party Hire
Vaarzon-Morel Solicitors
W   X
West Australian Superyacht Services
Whitsunday Superyacht Services
Wright Marine
Y   Z
YP Marine Shipwrights

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