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Superyacht Roles

Deck Department (Entry level = Deckhand)

Deckhands are responsible for maintaining the exterior of the vessel, as well as assisting the captain and other crew members with various tasks. Here are some of the key roles and responsibilities of a deckhand on a superyacht:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the exterior of the yacht, including washing and polishing the hull and decks, and keeping the exterior of the vessel in immaculate condition.
  • Assisting with the operation of the vessel, including helping to set and trim sails, and operating the tenders and other water toys.
  • Helping to load and unload supplies, and generally assisting with the logistics of running the yacht.
  • Assisting with the safety and security of the vessel, including assisting with Bridge watches and helping to ensure the safety of guests and crew.
  • Helping to maintain the yacht’s water sports equipment, including Tenders, jet skis, kayaks, and other water toys.
  • Assisting with the mooring and anchoring of the yacht and helping to secure the yacht when in port or at anchor.

Interior Department (Entry level = Steward/ess)

Interior crew members are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the interior of the superyacht and providing excellent service to the guests. Here are some of the key roles and responsibilities of the interior crew on a superyacht:

  • Guest services including meal service, bartending, table decorating.
  • Housekeeping- including full detailing of guest cabins, and all interior areas, communal crew areas included.
  • Polishing glassware, flatware and silverware, & table decorating for service.
  • Help with unpacking provisions for both guest and crew.
  • Laundry for both the guests and crew.
  • Boat stowage for ocean crossings.

Chef Roles

The chef’s role on a superyacht is to plan and prepare meals for guests and crew. They are responsible for creating menus, purchasing of provisions, managing the galley and ensuring that the food served is of the highest quality. Here are some of the key responsibilities of a chef on a superyacht:

  • Planning menus that cater to the guests’ dietary restrictions, preferences, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Purchasing and provisioning groceries, as well as managing the budget for the galley.
  • Coordinating with the Chief Steward/ess to ensure that meal service runs smoothly.
  • Being able to adjust to last minute changes and requests from the guests or the captain.
  • Being able to handle a variety of cuisines, and be able to adapt to different service styles, such as a formal dinner or a casual buffet.
  • Ability to adapt and source last-minute food requests in remote locations.
  • Preparing and cooking meals for the crew
  • Keeping the galley clean, organised, and well-stocked, to ensure food safety.
  • Ability to prepare meals in rough sea conditions.


The chef must have excellent culinary skills and be able to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment. Many chefs on superyachts have professional culinary training or experience in luxury restaurants or hotels.

Engineering Roles

Engineers are responsible for the safe running of the yacht and maintenance of all operating systems onboard; from the Engine room machinery to interior systems such as lifts, AV/IT etc. Some key responsibilities of the yacht engineers are:

  • Maintenance & management of all Engine Room machinery.
  • Conduct inspections of the vessel to confirm adherence to safety regulations.
  • Train and operate the vessel’s firefighting system.
  • Plan Maintenance on all operational equipment.
  • Engine room watches during passages.
  • Planning & management of shipyard periods and managing external contractors.
  • Inventories & provisioning of spare parts