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MTU Detroit Diesel Australia has over 60 years’ experience in the delivery and support of propulsion systems including the Detroit Diesel Series 60, MTU Series 2000 and 4000 engines and onboard generators in a broad power range to suit the marine market.

They represent technologically advanced and well-respected brands in the marine industry such as MTU, Detroit Diesel, Kohler Power Systems, Lombardini and VM Motori. As the sole distributor of MTU engines in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, their technicians are factory trained and fully equipped with the latest knowledge, technical skills and tools. Their expertise in project management and application engineering means you’re in expert hands when it comes to servicing, refitting or undertaking a full engine rebuild.

MTU Detroit Diesel Australia’s state-of-the-art facilities are located in key ports including Sydney, the Gold Coast and Fremantle – and we form part of the worldwide MTU Marine Service along the Great Southern Route. Their unparalleled support is renowned among shipyards, superyacht owners and crews.

Whatever the type of craft and however complex or specialised the demands may be, MTU Detroit Diesel Australia delivers advanced technology, total low operating costs and proven reliability – backed by the best aftersales support in Australia and the Pacific for peace of mind at sea.

Their continued success is based on the products they represent, their commitment to aftersales support, our focus on innovation and our passion for being the best in the power systems business. MTU Detroit Diesel add value through our intelligent, professional, tailored solutions and our customers see us strategic partners.

MTU engines for performance yachts are among the best in the world. They feature a full package of built-in advantages and an excellent power to weight ratio. MTU engines are light, compact and generate impressive amounts of power.

This engine series is available in an 8V, 10V, 12V and 16V configuration, and the newest version of the Series 2000 – the M94 – boasts the highest horsepower in its class and an unbelievable power-to-weight ratio. Horsepower has been increased by up to eight percent over the previous Series 2000 marine engine. The 16 cylinder version, for example, produces an impressive 1939kWs while weighing in at under 3.4 tonnes.

All this is achieved without compromising our market leading fuel efficiency and conforming to all international exhaust emission legislations For decades MTU has been one of the world’s leading suppliers of propulsion systems for displacement yachts. Their agility and outstanding torque make our engines impressive in this unique market. Like all MTU engines, they are extremely reliable, economical, and a paragon of environmental friendliness. Their propulsion systems run extremely quietly, and have exceptional handling – all characteristics that lay the foundations for thoroughly enjoyable cruising.

The ultimate luxury of your superyacht is enhanced by a customised propulsion system from MTU. Exclusive concepts call for exclusive service: that’s why we are there for you from the beginning, and support with you over the entire life of your engines. MTU provides you with a drive solution individually designed for your yacht – always emboding stateof- the-art technologies.