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Entering Australia – Option 2

Superyachts arriving in Australian at a:

  • Non-Appointed Port of Entry and / or
  • Planning to operate as a Special Recreation Vessel (SRV) / Commercial Vessel

Background: Recent changes to reporting and border clearance procedures have resulted in a superyacht owner/operator/master or agent being able to seek permission to enter Australia through non-appointed ports.

This applies to both private superyachts and those intending to operate as special recreational vessels (SRVs) in Australia for commercial purposes and under temporary licence arrangements as described under the Special Recreational Vessels Act (2019) and Coastal Trading (revitalising Australian Shipping) Act 2012.   

Maritime Traveller Processing Committee (MTPC)

  • The MTPC co-ordinates the exercise of various statutory controls and responsibilities carried out at seaports.
  • One of the MTPC’s functions is to review approval requests from the cruise ship industry to arrive or depart from minor, restricted and non-designated seaports where there is no permanent Australian Border Force or Department of Agriculture presence. This function is now extended to superyachts as described above.

A ship’s owner/operator/master or agent must submit a request through the Maritime Travellers Processing Committee (MTPC), for superyachts:

  • operating privately, but proposing to arrive in Australia at non-appointed ports,
  • operating as an SRV (under a temporary coastal trading licence) proposing to arrive or visit non-appointed ports  


Immigration: Australian Border Force

Application process to the MTPC for approval:

Where MTPC approval is required, vessel operator/owners/masters or their agents must submit an MTPC application no later than 10 business days (Monday – Friday) prior to the arrival of the vessel and no more than 12 months in advance.

The application form must contain the full itinerary, vessel details and port intentions (for example, passenger/crew exchange, shore excursions, and sail by/anchor only).

The application form for MTPC approval can be requested by contacting the MTPC by emailing: mtpc@abf.gov.au

Biosecurity: Australian Department of Agriculture

Maritime Arrivals Reporting System

All commercial vessels are required to supply pre-arrival information by completing the Maritime Arrivals Reporting System no later than 12 hours before arrival by completing the electronic forms.  This information can be completed by either the vessel operator or an appointed shipping agent.


Note: Incurring associated costs

  • Superyachts approved for arrival at non-appointed ports will be subject to the operator/owners/masters or their agents meeting Australian Border Force and Department of Agriculture border clearance costs associated with attending non-appointed ports to clear the vessel and persons/goods.
  • Superyachts operating under a coastal trading licence will potentially incur costs at all non-appointed ports visited during a voyage. Further information can be obtained by contacting the MTPC by emailing: mtpc@abf.gov.au
  • Approved arrival clearance of vessels at non-appointed ports will incur Australian Border Force and Department of Agriculture cost recovery charges. The Australian Border Force does not levy any charges for clearance at appointed ports. However, the Department of Agriculture operates on a full cost recovery basis.  


Vessel masters must ensure all crew members on board who are planning to arrive in Australia have current travel documents and have approved visas to enter Australia before arrival.  When making a visa application, allow for the approval time which may vary depending on the individual nationalities of the crew.

For more details on fees, length of stay and how to apply for visas under the

Temporary Activity Visa (subclass 408) Superyacht Crew please visit: