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April 24, 2018

A strong contingent of Australian companies representing a cross section of the Australian superyacht industry attended the Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference, joined by Lhamo Johnson Senior Marketing & Sales Coordinator and Barry Jenkins Chairman of Superyacht Australia.

The Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference was held last week just prior to the Singapore Yacht Show and saw key stakeholders from all parts of the world, join for two days to listen and discuss the issues facing the Asian superyacht industry.

Barry Jenkins spoke on the first day of the conference on a panel discussing the topic of developing Strategic roadmaps for the Asian Industry.

Barry Jenkins, Chairman of Superyacht Australia used examples from Australia to emphasis the importance of niche experiences that engage the client – emotion is essential in the purchasing process. The industry in Australia is growing with refit yards busy and the domestic charter market seeing exceptional growth.

Barry Jenkins reported that the conference was beneficial for B2B interaction and looked forward to seeing many of the key industry stakeholders also joining the ASMEX conference 21-23 May which will focus strongly on the growing Australian superyacht industry and the importance of promoting the whole region.

Lhamo Johnson, Senior Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Superyacht Australia stated “networking at the conference was extremely beneficial and certainly generated much discussion on how we encourage more participation in boating for generations to come, including how do we attract more superyachts to the Asia Pacific region. It is apparent that Australia has a number of unique attractions with the ability to cruise 12 months of the year and be assured of high quality, highly experience refit yards that are competitive, meet agreed budgets and deadlines”

Whilst there was a lot of talk of focusing on better connection with governments it is apparent this is only one area to address and can exhaust everyone’s patience.  Industry in Australia is getting on with developing the industry, private money continues to invested and Superyacht Australia is currently developing a strategy for the superyacht industry that has already been supported by the Queensland government.

The Queensland Government will be launching their superyacht strategy for Queensland at the Australian Marine Export, superyacht and commercial conference (ASMEX) on May 22.

It is evident that conferences like the Asia Pacific conference in Singapore and the ASMEX conference in Australia are valuable for global industry to network, gain a better understanding of what is happening in particular regions and identify where the opportunities lie.

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