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June 9, 2011

Global ship delivery specialists, International Maritime Services (IMS) has introduced a carbon offset option for all delivery voyages, through a strategic alliance with Yacht Carbon Offset, the Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certified specialists.

Under this programme, the greenhouse gas emissions from the fuel burned by participating vessels will be counterbalanced by equivalent emissions reductions from verified green energy projects.

Brendan Cooley, IMS Chief Operating Officer said “IMS is concerned about climate change and is committed to managing our operations in an environmentally sustainable manner.

As such, we are the first ship delivery company in the world to offer clients a carbon offset initiative maintaining our focus to work in conjunction with them and customize deliveries to suit individual requirements.”

Yacht Carbon Offset’s Managing Director Mark Robinson commented: “IMS regularly handles ocean passage-making for yacht and other commercial vessel clients. Passage planning always includes assessing the fuel requirement and so it is straightforward to include an invitation to carbon offset this fuel.

With increasing environmental awareness across all vessel types, we are delighted to offer our carbon offsetting service in partnership with the team at IMS. ”

For further details, please contact:

International Maritime Services Pty Ltd. (IMS)

Based in Australia, IMS is one of the world’s leading ship delivery companies and over nearly 3 decades has successfully delivered more than 230 vessels across all sectors, from harbour tugs, cargo ships and landing barges to high speed commercial ferries, entire patrol boat fleets and luxury motor yachts

IMS offer a broad range of specialised services to the maritime industry, including:

  • Ship Delivery
  • Crewing Solutions
  • Crew Training
  • Sea Trials and Commissioning
  • Ship Management
  • Specialised Superyacht Crewing and Management

Further details can be found on the IMS website:

Yacht Carbon Offset

Yacht Carbon Offset provides a clear, auditable way to balance out the “carbon footprint” of a vessel’s engines and generators. Tonne for tonne, the yacht’s emissions are offset by equivalent greenhouse gas reductions from projects such as renewable power. Each project depends on the carbon funding, and Yacht Carbon Offset has Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification, so Clients know that their action makes a real impact on net emissions.

The “pay as you go” service is calculated from the fuel quantities specified, whether a single delivery passage or for the whole season’s cruising. There’s no onboard equipment and there is no long term obligation for the yacht or ship.

Carbon Offsetting is of potential interest to owners or charterers wishing to take practical steps to minimise environmental impact, and also may be welcomed by prominent individuals or businesses that carefully position their “brand”. It is particularly relevant when cruising in environmentally sensitive areas.

Further details are available on