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Growing Australia’s shipbuilding industry
February 19, 2018

Growing Australia’s commercial shipbuilding industry will drive exports, attract investment and create new jobs.

Currently, the industry employs about 14,600 people and delivers $575 million in exports.

To grow this and create new Australian jobs, the Turnbull Coalition Government today launches a report showcasing the talent and expertise of the Australian shipbuilding industry.

The report, Australia’s Capability in Commercial Shipbuilding and Services, highlights the unique strengths of our shipbuilding industry to create new export opportunities in the rapidly growing global maritime manufacturing market.

As an island nation, Australia has developed a reputation for taking an innovative approach to tackling the unique challenges presented by our diverse ocean borders. From the complex software used to ensure the world’s largest ships don’t touch the seabed, to seemingly simple devices to make vessel handling easier, some of the latest innovations in the world’s shipbuilding industry have an Australian pedigree.

Australian-made ferries, super yachts, patrol boats, fishing boats and recreational vessels are exported worldwide. Through this report, the Turnbull Coalition Government seeks to increase interest in Australian shipbuilding to boost exports. Doing so will create new jobs.

The report is a one-stop shop for potential customers and investors. It brings together all areas of Australian shipbuilding, including how the Turnbull Government can assist, through our export credit agency Efic, to help the industry stand out from its competitors.

Australia’s network of Trade Commissioners and Ambassadors will use the report to promote our shipbuilding industry to the world.

The report is available on the Austrade website


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