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Wyndham to Broome
Day 1: Cruise to the top of the Berkley River. Late afternoon set sail for the mighty King George River.
Day 3: Explore King George River before heading to the pristine sands of Tranquil Bay. Cruise to Vansittart Bay.
Day 4: Visit some of the oldest and most interesting rock paintings in the world.
Day 5: The Mitchell River is one of the Kimberley’s barramundi hotspots.
Day 6: The Mitchell River is one of the Kimberley’s barramundi hotspots.
Day 7: Cruise to Careening Bay, traverse a stretch of water notorious for its bubbling whirlpools and turbulent tidal water en route to St George Basin in the shadow of Mount Trafalgar.
Day 8: Travel up the majestic Prince Regent River with the incoming tide to King’s Cascades & anchor at the mouth of Camp Creek.
Day 9: Explore the spectacular Camp Creek, then on to Camden Harbour. Cruise to the Montgomery Reef where the tidal range approaches 12 metres (over 6 hours). As the tide falls, the delayed run-off from the reef’s vast surface area produces a massive waterfall in the middle of the ocean.
Day 10: Explore the sandstone gorge at Sale River, anchorage Raft Point.
Day 11: Hike up through sandstone scenery to a vibrant and powerful rock art site ‘Wandjina style’ to Ruby Falls Anchor at Yampi Sound in the Buccaneer Archipelago.
Day 12: Visit Cockatoo Island, once mined for its iron ore, then Crocodile Creek & gather oysters at Coppermine Creek. Helicopter flights to Talbot Bay to see the Horizontal Waterfall. Depart Yampi Sound for the pearling port of Broome.