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CATEGORY : Superyacht Agent
Superyacht Agent
Company Name Australasian SuperYacht Services
Contact Person Mike Ebsworth
Phone No +61 7 5445 4226
Website http://www.asys.agency
Company Name Australian Superyachts
Contact Person Captain Richard Morris
Phone No 1800 SYACHT (792 248)
Website http://www.australiansuperyachts.com.au
Company Name Carter Marine Agencies Pty Ltd
Contact Person Carrie Carter
Phone No +61 7 4051 1046
Website http://www.cartermarine.com
Company Name Coastal Yachting Recruitment
Contact Person Jade Fitzpatrick
Website http://www.coastalyachtingrecruitment.com
Company Name d’Albora Marinas
Contact Person Jenni Neumann
Phone No 1800 DALBORA (1800 3252672)
Website http://www.dalboramarinas.com.au
Company Name Major Yacht Services Australia
Contact Person Geoff Majer
Phone No +61 (0)2 98107200
Website http://www.majoryachtservices.com.au
Company Name Marine WA (Western Australia)
Phone No +61 0 410 535 005
Website http://www.marinewa.com.au
Company Name MedAire
Contact Person Peter Lockhead
Website http://www.medaire.com/solutions/yachts
Company Name Ocean Alliance Pty Ltd
Contact Person Joachim Howard
Website http://www.oceanalliance.com
Company Name Superyacht Crew International
Contact Person Donna Morris
Phone No 1800 SYCREW (792 739)
Website http://superyachtcrewinternational.com
Company Name Superyacht Sydney
Contact Person Captain Richard Morris
Phone No +61 (0)4 1068 9289
Website http://www.superyachtsydney.com.au/
Company Name Sydney Superyacht Services
Contact Person Capt Richard Morris
Phone No +61(0)2 9818 2024
Website http://www.sydneysuperyachtservices.com
Company Name West Australian Superyacht Services
Contact Person Kevin Altera/Rod Tweddle
Phone No +61 (0)8 9316 2995
Website http://www.superyachts.com.au
Company Name Whitsunday Superyacht Services
Contact Person Daniel Howcroft
Website http://www.wsys.com.au

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