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CATEGORY : Shipyard – New builds/ refits
Shipyard – New builds/ refits
Company Name Aus Ships Group
Contact Person Tommy Ericson
Phone No +61 7 3390 8455
Website http://www.ausships.com
Company Name Australasian SuperYacht Services
Contact Person Mike Ebsworth
Phone No +61 7 5445 4226
Website http://www.asys.agency
Company Name BSE Maritime Solutions (Brisbane Slipways)
Contact Person Justin Parer
Phone No +61(0)7 3902 3555
Website http://www.bse.net.au
Company Name BSE Maritime Solutions – Cairns Slipways
Contact Person Brian Keller
Phone No +61 7 4015 1111
Website http://www.bse.net.au/cairns
Company Name D’ALBORA Marinas
Contact Person Catherine Grant-Geary
Phone No 1800 DALBORA (1800 3252672)
Website http://www.dalboramarinas.com.au
Company Name Echo Yachts
Contact Person Jurien Van Rongen
Website http://www.echoyachts.com.au
Company Name Evolution Yachts
Contact Person Nick Gardener
Phone No +61 (0) 8 9437 1299
Website http://www.evolutioncommercial.com.au
Company Name Executive Marine
Contact Person Alan Hagg
Website http://www.executivemarine.com.au/
Company Name Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard
Contact Person Kevin Altera
Phone No +61 7 5502 5888
Website http://www.gccm.com.au
Company Name Lightcore Tech
Contact Person Brad Barr
Phone No +61 412 226 657
Website http://www.lightcoretech.com.au
Company Name MEC Yachts
Contact Person Murray Owen
Phone No +61 (0)7 5502 8811
Website http://www.mecyachts.com.au
Company Name MedAire
Contact Person Peter Lockhead
Website http://www.medaire.com/solutions/yachts
Company Name Misha Merzliakov Yacht Design
Contact Person Misha Merzliakov
Website http://www.mishamerzliakov.com
Company Name Ocean Alliance Pty Ltd
Contact Person Joachim Howard
Website http://www.oceanalliance.com
Company Name Oropesa
Contact Person Adam McPhail
Phone No +61 8 6311 2817
Website http://www.oropesa.com.au
Company Name SilverYachts
Contact Person Dave Woods
Phone No +61 (0)8 9437 0570
Website http://www.silveryachts.com
Company Name Sorgiovanni Designs Pty Ltd
Contact Person Sam Sorgiovanni
Phone No +61 (0)8 9433 6355
Website http://sorgiovannidesigns.com
Company Name The Yacht Professionals
Contact Person Hayden Thomas
Website http://www.theyachtprofessionals.com.au/
Company Name Wright Marine
Contact Person Shanon Wright
Phone No +61 (0)7 3348 8778
Website http://www.wrightmarine.com.au
Company Name YP Marine Shipwrights
Contact Person Yoav Porat
Phone No +61(0)404 860 070

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