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CATEGORY : Engine Servicing/Refits/Overhauls
Engine Servicing/Refits/Overhauls
Company Name Ches Power Group
Contact Person Mike Cippitelli
Phone No +61 (0)8 6144 3111
Website http://www.chespower.com.au
Company Name Echo Yachts
Contact Person Chris Blackwell
Website http://www.echoyachts.com.au
Company Name Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard
Contact Person Kevin Altera
Phone No +61 7 5502 5888
Website http://www.gccm.com.au
Company Name Hastings Deering (Aust) Ltd
Contact Person Matt Logan
Phone No 131228
Website http://www.hastingsdeering.com.au
Company Name MTU Detroit Diesel Australia
Contact Person Ned Prior
Phone No +61 07 4035 2538
Website http://www.mtudda.com.au
Company Name MTU Detroit Diesel Australia Northern Region Brisbane / Gold Coast
Contact Person Brad Bell
Phone No +61 (0)7 5588 1900
Website http://www.mtudda.com.au
Company Name MTU Detroit Diesel Australia Pty Ltd
Contact Person Don McMillen
Phone No +61 (0)7 3877 6060
Website http://www.mtudda.com.au
Company Name MTU Detroit Diesel Australia Western Region
Contact Person Matthew Reaume
Phone No +61(0)8 9273 7777
Website http://www.mtudda.com.au
Company Name Oropesa
Contact Person Adam McPhail
Phone No +61 8 6311 2817
Website http://www.oropesa.com.au
Company Name Penske Power Systems (MTU)
Contact Person Andrew Rossi
Phone No +61 (0)8 9273 7716
Website http://www.penskeps.com
Company Name Rodgers & Lough Marine Engineers Pty Ltd
Phone No +61 (0)7 3399 3433
Website http://www.rlmarine.com.au
Company Name Seakeeper
Contact Person Glenn Frettingham
Phone No +61 7 3265 1200
Website http://www.seakeeper.com
Company Name Stella Marine Group Pty Ltd
Contact Person Gary Cooper
Phone No +61 (0)7 3890 0372
Website http://www.stellamarine.com.au
Company Name WESTRAC
Contact Person Dean Cruickshanks
Phone No +61(0)2 9840 4674
Website http://www.westrac.com.au
Company Name Whitsunday Superyacht Services
Contact Person Daniel Howcroft
Website http://www.wsys.com.au

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