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CATEGORY : Charter / Yacht Brokerage / Sales
Charter / Yacht Brokerage / Sales
Company Name Aurora Yacht Logistics
Contact Person Jason Roberts
Phone No +61 (0)7 3900 5900
Website http://www.yacht-transport.com.au
Company Name D’ALBORA Marinas
Contact Person Catherine Grant-Geary
Phone No 1800 DALBORA (1800 3252672)
Website http://www.dalboramarinas.com.au
Company Name Echo Yachts
Contact Person Jurien Van Rongen
Website http://www.echoyachts.com.au
Company Name Ensign Ship Brokers
Contact Person Tony Ross
Phone No +61 (0)7 5532 1122
Website http://www.ensignbrokers.com.au/
Company Name Executive Marine
Contact Person Alan Hagg
Website http://www.executivemarine.com.au/
Company Name Fraser Yachts
Contact Person Peter Redford
Phone No +61 2 9222 7705
Website http://www.fraseryachts.com
Company Name Geoff Lovett International
Contact Person Perry James
Phone No +61 7 5526 4144
Website http://www.geofflovettint.com
Company Name Independent Aviation Pty Ltd
Contact Person Ian Button
Phone No +61 07 4046 3333, 1300 307 747
Website http://www.independentaviation.com.au
Company Name Lee Marine Co Ltd
Contact Person Joshua Lee
Phone No +66 7 6681 015
Website http://www.leemarine.com
Company Name Major Yacht Services Australia
Contact Person Geoff Majer
Phone No +61 (0)2 98107200
Website http://www.majoryachtservices.com.au
Company Name MedAire
Contact Person Peter Lockhead
Website http://www.medaire.com/solutions/yachts
Company Name Northrop & Johnson Australia
Contact Person Cameron Bray
Phone No +61 0404 739 161
Website http://www.northropandjohnson.com.au
Company Name Ocean Alliance Pty Ltd
Contact Person Joachim Howard
Website http://www.oceanalliance.com
Company Name Standen Marine
Contact Person Steve Williams
Phone No +61 02 8880 4088
Website http://www.standenmarine.com.au
Company Name Superyacht Crew International
Contact Person Donna Morris
Phone No 1800 SYCREW (792 739)
Website http://superyachtcrewinternational.com
Company Name Sydney Superyacht Charters
Contact Person Capt Richard Morris / Donna Morris
Phone No +61 (0)2 9818 2024
Website http://www.sydneysuperyachtcharters.com
Company Name Sydney Superyacht Marina
Contact Person Clemens Overdijk
Phone No +61 02 9818 0604
Website http://www.superyachtmarina.com.au
Company Name Whitsunday Superyacht Services
Contact Person Daniel Howcroft
Website http://www.wsys.com.au

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